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Project Title: Identification of Super Spreaders in Social Networks 2014-Present

Description:  The aim of this project is to perform a multi-scale analysis of large scale social networks to investigate how different micro-level social mechanisms of individual actions are transformed into network patterns at the large-scale that, in turn, determines the spread of infectious diseases in a social network. This information will be used to lower the threshold of immunization by identifying those individuals who, through their position in the network, are more likely than average to spread the disease to the larger portion of the social network. I am working under the supervision of Professor Hernan Makse at the City University of New York, US.

Project Title: MULTIPLEX 2013-2014

Description: Multiplex stands for Foundational Research on MULTI level comPLEX networks and systems. It is a European Project with over 22 Universities and Institutes around Europe and over 50 renowned researchers. During this project, I coordinated with geographers on the analysis, modeling and visualization of large scale interdependent networks emerging from spatio-economic sector. I applied network analysis algorithms and machine learning techniques to discover hidden patterns and use graph visualization methods to present these results. For further details of the project, please refer to the project website MULTIPLEX. I was working under the supervision of Professor Céline Rozenblat at the Universite de Lausanne, Switzerland.

Project Title: Digitization and Analysis of ship movements 2011 - 2012

Description: The project was funded by CNRS (National Center of Scientific Research), UMR 8504 Geographie-cities, Paris, France. The objective was first to apply text mining and machine learning algorithms to extract data from scanned textual data of commercial ships carrying trade goods. In the second stage, apply social network analysis methods to analyze this data to derive higher level of abstractions and extracting economic trade patterns across the world. The work was carried out in collaboration with César DUCRUET of UMR 8504 Géographie-cités, Paris, France.

Project Title: FIVE - 2008 -2009

Description: This project was partly funded through the ANR project RNTL FIVE 06 TLOG 12. The project developed data mining tools and visual interfaces to effectively exploit information collected as a result of text mining of web pages and introduce modes of interaction to help analysts monitor, deduce and interpolate information. Industrial Partners included Pikko Software and AMI Software. The work was carried out under the supervision of Professor Guy Melancon at LaBRI, Bordeaux, France.

Project Title: Protection of Color Information of Images by Inserting Hidden Data - 2007

Description: This work was part of the project TSAR 2005-2008 (Secured Transfer of Art Images of High Resolution) undertaken by the ANR (National Council of Research). The objective was to give free access to the gray level images of the paintings of a certain Art Gallery/Museum where as the users needed a key to view the corresponding images in color. The objective was to protect the color information of a painting by embedding it in its corresponding gray level image. This work was carried out under the supervision of Professor William Puech and Marc Chaumont at LIRMM, Montpellier, France.

Project Title: Fabcraft System - Flight Check-In Software - 2002-2003

Description: This is a Flight check-in software developed for Kabul airport, Afghanistan under the umbrella of United Nations. The software tracks information of passengers as well as the flights operating at the airport. The software also includes the control of conveyer belts, weighing scales & indicators, barcode printers in generation of bag tags and issuing boarding passes

Project Title: ERS Bite - Enterprise Resource Software for Management of Accounts, Human Resource and Inventory - 2002

Description: Worked on different modules of the ERS for Bite IT Consultants. This set of Packages serves to maintain Accounting, Human Resource and Inventory for Industrial Purposes.

Project Title: RoboPak Prototype 1 - A Prototype of a Robot with Image Processing Capabilities - 2001

Description: A fully functional and autonomous Robot ‘RoboPak P1’ that is able to move around obstacles using self designed sensors, pick objects of up to a kg using a Gripper. Key features also include image processing algorithms for object detection and functioning as a "Pick and Place Robot".

Project Title: Path Finder - Automated Path Finding Vehicule with Learning and Optimization Features - 2001

Description: A fully functional vehicule with the ability to find its way out of a maze or any unknown bounded area. Using algorithms of Searching, Decision Making, Learning and Optimal Path finding.

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